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Bhoomika Trust Bhoomika Trust's main focus is to provide disaster relief and rehabilitation. The organization has worked extensively with the victims of disasters like the earthquake in Gujarat and the tsunami in South India. In addition to operating True Gifts, it also supports the educational needs of underprivileged individuals.

CHILD  CHILD is a registered public charitable trust founded in May 2005 to assist in the needs of children of HIV positive parents to enable them to lead healthy and normal lives. The objective of this trust is to provide basic needs such as shelter, food, medical assistance and education. It also provides total care to destitute, homeless and orphaned children.

Iniya Udaiyam Iniya Udaiyam's focus is on Education and health development of underprivileged children, youth and women. It is providing value based education to the children, vocational training and arranging placement for youth and organizing trainings and programmes for economical and social development of women

Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation  Stem Cells derived from Umbilical Cord is the hope for cure of two specific groups of diseases ie blood cancers and Thalassemia. Annually about 120,000 Indians are diagnosed with blood cancers and another 10,000 children are born with Thalassemia. 60% to 80% of these can be cured if they have access to matching stem cells from donated cord blood or from bone marrow donors.

Little Drops Little Drops runs a residential center for the aged destitute, the mentally challenged, as well as a school/day care center for the children in Paraniputhur, Chennai. A total of 600 elders reside at Little Drops, whose daily activities include meals, occupational therapy, as well as walking and gardening. The 43 mentally challenged residents participate in tending to pets, making handicrafts, and dancing. The organization has also organized a vocational rehabilitation center with a tailoring unit for women and a carpentry unit for school dropouts.

Mahesh Memorial Trust Mahesh Memorial Trust started in November, 2002, focuses on cancer relief, creating awareness about cancer, as well as providing financial aid to economically challenged patients. The Trust was started in honor of Mahesh Mahadevan, the respected composer and music director who battled cancer for 13 years.

Nalamdana  "NALAMDANA" in Tamil means "Are you well?"This not for profit trust was created in 1993, by a young group of like minded individuals who believed in using entertainment education to reach illiterate audiences with preventive health and social messages using theatre and arts.Today Nalamdana has moved into specific areas- HIV/AIDS prevention,care and support, child rights, protection of the girl child, working with families and slum communities using communication for empowerment. By supporting the various projects, you will help this NGO reach more vulnerable sections of society, helping them learn new skills in arts and theatre, to address issues of their concern."

PCVC  PCVC is a non-governmental organization that provides resources and counselling for women who are survivors of domestic violence in Chennai. PCVC, founded and registered in 2001, was started as a response to Chennai’s noticeable absence of support agencies for women who are survivors of domestic abuse. PCVC’s goal is to provide both emotional and practical support structures for women in abusive family situations, and to facilitate a process through which they can develop self-empowerment and material independence. From initially offering victim assistance through networking and referrals, PCVC has broadened its work to include crisis management, advocacy, and resource management for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, as well as community outreach on all forms of violence against women.

RASA RASA is a centre for Theatre Arts & special needs. RASA caters to the developmental needs of 300 children. RASA, special school, has for 17 years, worked with individuals with developmental disorders, using Theater Arts as a medium of learning.

Sankara Eye Centre  Sankara Eye Centre conducts weekly rural outreach eye camps in the villages to identify those with curable blindness, targeting the states of Tamilnadu, neighbouring Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry. Patients are brought to the nearest Sankara Eye Care Institution and are provided with comprehensive eye care (medical / surgical) including food, accommodation, medicine free of cost.

Sri Arunodayam  Sri Arunodayam runs a home for mentally challenged and spastic destitute children. The center has psychiatrists, physiotherapists and a dietician to assist the children in achieving a systematic improvement both physically and mentally. The children are also kept engaged in play and educational activities. They also enjoy outdoor entertainment at theme parks and recreation centres. The Home has the basic infrastructure for physiotherapy.There are about sixty children aged between four and fifteen. They require round-the-clock assistance in their day-to-day activities.

TANKER Foundation  TANKER Foundation aims to detect, prevent and raise awareness on kidney ailments and to provide quality, affordable treatment to underprivileged people. TANKER beneficiaries are people with kidney problems and do not have the wherewithal to seek medical attention. Under their "Sponsor a dialysis" scheme, the organization is performing 110 dialysis free every month. Other activities include fistula surgeries, screening camps, and school outreach programs.

The Banyan  The Banyan is an organization that cares for and rehabilitates homeless women with mental illness. The Banyan provides the women a safe shelter, care, medical attention, and a supportive environment to enable them to recover and to take responsibility for their lives again. The Banyan also supports the women's return to their families and communities and when this is not possible, supports the women in setting up new lives for themselves. Over the past 12 years, The Banyan has reached out to more than 1500 women and reunited around 850 women with their families all throughout India. The Banyan's vision is to ensure that no mentally ill homeless person is left uncared and unattended for in the streets.

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