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Step 1: Find A Gift
Look for the perfect gift by searching our gifts, by Category, by NGO or by price range. Once you have found your choice of gift just click on "Gift Now".

This service is currently available only to Resident Indian donors

Step 2: Gift Cart
View the gifts you have selected in your Gift Cart. If you want to shop for more gifts, select 'Continue Shopping'. If you want to make changes to your order, select 'Update' to view the revised purchase details. Once you are satisfied with your order, select 'Checkout' to proceed to billing.

Step 3: Enter Billing and Shipping Information
Enter the appropriate billing and shipping information. Your voucher will be mailed to the shipping address provided and our follow-up form will be mailed to the billing address.

Answer a few questions about your gift and create a user ID and password for future transactions.

Please note that certain additional charges will be applied towards your purchase. To cover the costs of communication and feedback, Bhoomika Trust charges you Rs. 50 per NGO for gifts of Rs. 1000 and below. A charge of Rs. 100 per NGO is applicable for gifts worth more than Rs. 1000.

If you pay by credit card, the payment gateway charges a 3% fee per transaction.

If you reside in India and would prefer to pay by cheque, please read the instructions below on how your cheque payment may be made:

Please write a cheque payable to 'Bhoomika Trust a/c True Gifts' and mail it to the address below along with information detailing the gift selected (gift title and NGO), the gift recipient's name, the shipping address for the voucher, and the gifting occasion. We will use this information to fill the voucher form (Dear ___, ___ has sponsored ___ gift for your ___).

Our address
Bhoomika Trust
Admin office
"PUSHPAK" Apartments, Ground Floor
14/10 Jagadambal colony, 1st Street,
Royapettah, Chennai - 600014
Ph: + 9144 42020526
HOTLINE: +91 9444451268

PLEASE DO NOT forget to include the Bhoomika Trust transaction costs for your gift or the amount will be deducted from the funds sent to the NGO, potentially resulting in an incomplete gift at the NGO. This charge is to cover our costs associated with printing, communication with NGOs, and postage.

Once your cheque has cleared, (please allow for 2 days local, up to 2 weeks outside of Chennai), we will issue the voucher with the gift details provided by you, with your cheque, and mail it to the appropriate shipping address. You are welcome to contact our office at any point during this process with enquiries to Telephone: +91-44-2498-1967 or email:

Step 4: Confirm your order before paying. If you are satisfied with the details, click 'Pay Now.' For further information regarding credit card transaction please read the details below:

With each credit card purchase, you will be charged the gift amount, the Bhoomika Trust service charge of either Rs.50 or Rs.100 per NGO, as well a 3% transaction charge levied by the credit card company. For example, if you purchase a gift for Rs.1,000, the Bhoomika Trust service charge will be Rs.50, and given this total of Rs.1,050, the transaction charge will be Rs.31.45. Therefore the amount charged on your credit card will be Rs.1,081.45.
Sample Charges 
Gift Cost:Rs.1,000.00
Bhoomika Service Charge:Rs.50.00
Credit Card Transaction Fee:Rs.31.45
Total Cost:Rs.1,081.45
You are welcome to contact our office at any point during this process with enquiries to Telephone: +91-44-2498-1967 or email:

After Your Online Purchase has been made
1. You will have the option of viewing a completed gift voucher with a customized message for the recipient
2. An email will be sent to your account verifying the purchase amount to your credit card as well as pertinent information for tax-deduction purposes
3. Within a week, a gift voucher will be mailed to the shipping address provided
4. After approximately three weeks, you will receive a certificate verifying the usage of funds by the NGO

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